The Learning Organization was established in August 2000, with a passion to assist and facilitate organizations and individuals, to optimize their potential through development and improvement.

Our approach is hands-on, collaborative and simple; to understand the issue, identify the root cause and recommend and implement homegrown solutions based on ground realities.

Our team of consultants, with over four decades of professional experience and insight, works closely with the clients as member of their teams to own the problems and the solutions. Once onboard, we work as a seamless team, delving deep to try and understand your business and the related issues and challenges.

We always strive to come up with out of the box, practical and cost effective solutions in the areas of Organizational Development, Human Resources and Operations.

Having worked with diverse local and international client base over the last 17 years, we are good at turning around businesses through Diagnostic Reviews, Strategic Planning, Organization Development, Executive Search and Placement, Enhanced Systems and Procedures, and Continuous Improvement Strategies.

Our efforts for implementation vindicate our approach, with stats validating our claims. In the end we celebrate such successes with our clients.

Meet the Team

Ashraf Usman

Chief Learning Officer

Has over forty years of experience in Finance, Human Resources and Quality Management.

Salman Ashraf

Organization Development Consultant

Involved in field work, Critical Analysis and compilation of assignments related to Strategic Planning

Mohammad Adil Mehmood

Organization Development Consultant


HR Consultant - Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services

Muzammil Munir

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Consultant

Yousuf Fazal

Trainee Management Consultant